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Our goal is to help employers create cultures of encouraging and supporting employees to making positive
financial decisions, leaving them healthier, wealthier and feeling more valued.

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Aon’s worldwide group of companies is trusted to safeguard over USD$100 billion in funds under management, we can help your employees to meet their financial goals.

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When you partner with Aon, you can be assured of a quality, compliant and competitive retirement solution. Myfutureme is the new face of our award winning DC Master Trust, The Aon Ireland Master Trust.

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Our 100,000 plus members and almost 200 employer clients can benefit from an action-oriented solution that motivates and engages members from wealth accumulation through to retirement.


Our web solution provides greater member self-service, a paperless experience for employers as well as a real-time performance and analytics dashboard. And that’s just the beginning.

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